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Climate change

Hydraulic modelling

   Climate change risk assessment and adaptation   Environmental modelling for regulators
Coasts and maritime Infrastructure mgmt and operations
 Assessing near shore coastal conditions River scour and protection works
 Coastal processes and management Rivers, drainage and flooding
Coastal structures Concepts in river modelling and flood risk management
Design of rubble mound breakwaters Dam breach modelling
 Exposed jetties piers and dolphins Dams and reservoir safety
 Management of above-ground flood and coastal assets Dredging management
 Marine scour Evacuation and loss of life analysis for floods
 TELEMAC summer school Flood risk analysis and management
 Underwater noise Hydraulic design of culverts
 Wave forces Management of above-ground flood and coastal assets
 Wave overtopping Risk assessment for reservoir safety
Waves and wave modelling using SWAN River capacity and the influence on vegetation and habitat management
Energy River hydrology and hydraulics
Offshore renewable energy summer school Sedimentation problems in reservoirs
Planning offshore developments with SMARTtide SUDS/Urban drainage
  The formulation of rating curves for rivers

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