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  • One-day training course

    Dam breach modelling
  • Dam breach modelling
  • Dam breach modelling
  • Dam breach modelling

Dam breach modelling

About this course

Type Classroom training
Level Intermediate
Duration 1 day
Topic Water resources and management

Accreditated by

Introducing the causes, processes and methods for modelling embankment dam failure.


Dam breach flood events are usually low probability but high impact events with potentially very high fatality and economic damage figures. Dam breach floods are very different in nature to fluvial, coastal and groundwater flooding. The complex soil erosion and hydraulics involved in a dam breach can have a significant effect on the destructive properties of such a flood.

This introductory course examines the nature of breaches through embankment dams, the different approaches available to model or assess these and the pros and cons of each type of approach. It explains the different failure modes identified in breaching, when these failure modes are most likely to occur, and what the impact is of modelling the wrong failure mode. Ideas on how to deal with uncertainties in the input parameters and the impact of these uncertainties on the model output are discussed.

Course content

It would be beneficial to attend the dams and reservoir safety course before this course.

Who should attend?

Dam owners/operators, consulting engineers undertaking/specifying dam breach studies and emergency planners.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course participants will understand:

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Course leader(s)

Mohamed Hassan

Mohamed Hassan

Senior Engineer

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Mohammed (course tutor) is obviously passionate about his field and this shines through, a great presenter.

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