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    Port Hedland ship crew familiarisation
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    Port Hedland ship crew familiarisation
  • Port Hedland ship crew familiarisation
  • Port Hedland ship crew familiarisation

Port Hedland ship crew familiarisation

About this course

Type Classroom training
Level Foundation
Duration Two days
Topic Coast and maritime

Accredited by

This training familiarisation course, organised by
HR Wallingford and Port Hedland Pilots, will enable attendees to learn about the key features of
Port Hedland, the role the ship’s crew can play to assist the pilotage operation and what to do in an emergency scenario.

The aim of the course is to improve safety and decrease risk in Port Hedland for personnel, vessels and infrastructure.

This two day course is a mixture of classroom presentations, practical demonstrations and role play scenarios using HR Wallingford’s real time ship simulator. There will be detailed discussions and trainee participation throughout, to make a fully interactive and effective learning experience.

Please note, this course is only suitable for ship crew members who operate at Port Hedland. 

Course content

The course will consist of classroom slides and discussions as well practical demonstrations using the ship simulator.

Day 1 of the course will cover:

Day 2 of the course will cover:

Simulation exercises

For each simulation exercise, roles will be split up with the Port Hedland Pilot conducting the role of pilot.Other roles will include (but not limited to) Captain, First Officer, Second Officer and Helmsman.The following simulation exercises will be conducted:

Additional simulations could potentially include: poor helmsman, small boat in channel, gyro failure, blackout (including issues with making tugs fast and walking out anchors), fire on board, terrorist attack (from on board) while under pilotage, use of refuge zones / anchors, main engine failure and steering failure scenarios for Captains who haven’t role played as Master during previous exercises, Rotor Tug and ASD tug practical driving and techniques.

Booking and cost

Attendance at scheduled courses can be booked online. The cost is GBP £2,500 per head. A minimum number of attendees is required to go ahead and confirmation will be given, once the minimum number of attendees has been reached.

The next scheduled dates for this course are 25-26 September 2019.

The course can be run exclusively for 4-6 attendees from a single shipping company. Please contact Ben Spalding ( or +61 8 6164 9657) for further information.

Additional information

The course will be run by HR Wallingford and Port Hedland Pilots at HR Wallingford’s Australia Ship Simulation Centre in Fremantle, Western Australia.
Each course is limited to six attendees, with a minimum of five, to allow for sufficient simulator time as well as good group discussions.
Lunch and refreshments will be provided throughout the course. Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance following the attendance of the full course.

For further information, please contact:

Tel:  +61 8 6164 9657


For more information, visit

Dates and availability

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Other tutors:


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