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    Underwater noise
  • Underwater noise
  • Underwater noise
  • Underwater noise

Underwater noise

About this course

Type Classroom training
Level Specialist
Duration 1 day
Topic Coast and maritime

Accreditated by

Introducing assessment and modelling of underwater noise


Underwater noise from anthropogenic sources has been rising for several decades due to our increasingly busy marine environment worldwide. The potential impact of man-made underwater noise on marine life is becoming more fundamental as we attempt to balance development and conservation needs.

Assessment of underwater noise impacts on marine life can be a challenging task. The different methods available, metrics and units of underwater noise mean that the same data can be presented in several different ways, making comparison difficult. The data that is available for how marine species are affected by underwater noise is often sparse, particularly for fish and cetaceans. Guidance for assessing impacts, monitoring underwater noise and use of numerical modelling methods have been developed in an attempt to standardise the way in which an assessment is carried out.

Course content

Who should attend?

Regulators, developers and consultants who want to learn more about underwater noise and how it can be assessed for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Students who are looking at a career in the marine sector where underwater noise may be a topic of concern. No specialist knowledge of physics, mathematics, numerical modelling or marine life is needed.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course participants will understand:

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Course leader(s)

Diane Jones

Diane Jones

Marine Ecologist

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