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John Harris

Technical Director

Dr John Harris is both a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Marine Scientist with specialist skills in numerical hydrodynamic modelling, turbulence and sediment transport

John has over 20 years’ experience in the application and development of turbulence models for modelling wave and wave-current boundary layer interaction in the coastal zone and over 21 years’ experience in the application of numerical models for river, coastal and estuarine studies. He also has specialist knowledge of hydraulic, sediment transport and wave modelling techniques, and in particular scour and boundary layer processes and is one of the UK’s authorities on marine scour. To date he has worked on various aspects of wind farm developments and has worked on around 80% of built or currently planned wind farms in the UK and is the co-author of several industry guidance documents including “Dynamics Of Scour Pits And Scour Protection” and the COWRIE “Modelling Best Practice Guide”.